February Goals

With February being a short month and it already being February 3rd I’m rather behind on establishing goals. But I can do whatever I want (and I’ve already been working on some of these):

Find a Wedding Venue and Pick a Date - This must happen and the sooner it happens the better I will feel about everything wedding.
Finish Lemon Blueberry Shawl - This is my top crafting priority. I am determined to wear it on my birthday (the 5th) which means I need to top typing and finish so that I can block overnight tomorrow!
Spin 1 skein of yarn - I have two Hobbledehoy fiber projects already started so I just need to pick one and get it done! It will probably be the project I have on the wheel which is a test to see if I am capable of spinning low-twist singles on the wheel. It seems to be working so far!
Wash 2 lb of Farm Show Fleece - I’ve been slowly starting the washing in batches of around 6 oz each using my newest fiber prep tool: a salad spinner. The new process is pretty awesome and much easier than my old methods so it shouldn’t be difficult to tackle at least 5 batches.
Ruana progress - I made a plan to get [this - link calculation post] accomplished in 2016 and then promptly ignored it in January. So in Feb I would like to finish the planning and sampling process. Then wash least 1.5 lbs of fiber. And finally comb at least 6 oz of fiber.
Sheepy Sweater - Alas this project has gotten pretty tedious. But I must make progress! I’d like to finish through the waist shaping on the body so that I can start the sleeves. The whole thing will be a bit haphazard as I’ll stop the body and leave it on the needles, then tackle the sleeves, before returning to the body due to potential lack of yarn.

Bonus objectives:
Rewash polypay fleece
Comb polypay fleece
Flick and card merino
Find a wedding dress or at least try a bunch on

Plan/Buy Yarn/Swatch Wedding Ring Shawl

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