Growing up quilling was something that popped up each year at Christmas when some beautifully quilled ornaments that were made by my Mother and Aunt were brought out. A few times I was inspired to try my own hand at quilling. But even though I at some point convinced Mother to let me have her old box of supplies I never really got very far at it.

But once again inspiration has struck firstly with the little quilled tree for the farm show. Pinterest is also hugely inspiring once I found a few excellent boards to follow.

I also recently found a new community on reddit (aka a subreddit) that is all about the art of quilling. As a way to encourage participation they had the idea to post a particular subject and encourage everyone to make a piece of quilling based on that subject.

The first theme was Poppies. Being rather at a loss for where to start I started by creating a board on pinterest and searching for poppy pictures and then even for the key words quilling and poppies. There were many excellent pieces created by others. And even a blog about a certain technique to make petals.

With those ideas in my head I sat down one Friday night and after a few hours I had this:

It’s certainly not the most intricate or amazing quilling out there. But I enjoy the simplicity of it and it was a fun little project. Success.

Next up the inspiration is Valentine Cards. I already know what I want to do but haven’t started anything yet. Stay tuned!

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