Bunny Time!

It’s time to start thinking about Bunnies and Easter! Wait a minute, it’s still the beginning of February and Easter isn’t until April 5th. But if I’m going to sell any bunnies, well then I’d better get started.

I think I’ll give myself a goal of making 20 bunnies by the end of the month that I can ship to the library to sell. This may be an unrealistic goal, but hey, that's how I like to roll with my crafts.

First up I’ll aim for 10 of these colorful crochet bunnies. Last year I ended up mass producing them. I don’t recall exactly what the final total was, but it seems likely to be 20+. I timed it towards the end and it takes about 3 hours per rabbit. But they are pretty mindless so it’s not as daunting as it seems.

I’d also like to make 5 of these rabbits. Possibly with some sweaters but they do add quite a bit of work so TBD. They are however my favorites.

And lastly 5 of these funky little guys. I’ve never timed how long they take to knit. But I do recall feel like it took longer than I would expect for something so simple. But they’re also so much fun!


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="505"] Click on the image to check out her blog.[/caption]

This would most certainly not be a project to sell but I’ve been itching to make one of these rabbits for quite some time. They are just so adorable. But I have to buy the pattern first. And the designer says they take her like 20 hours. This may or may not happen.


I started some awesome chickens a while back and never finished them. They also seem thematically appropriate. Add them to the list!


Growing up quilling was something that popped up each year at Christmas when some beautifully quilled ornaments that were made by my Mother and Aunt were brought out. A few times I was inspired to try my own hand at quilling. But even though I at some point convinced Mother to let me have her old box of supplies I never really got very far at it.

But once again inspiration has struck firstly with the little quilled tree for the farm show. Pinterest is also hugely inspiring once I found a few excellent boards to follow.

I also recently found a new community on reddit (aka a subreddit) that is all about the art of quilling. As a way to encourage participation they had the idea to post a particular subject and encourage everyone to make a piece of quilling based on that subject.

The first theme was Poppies. Being rather at a loss for where to start I started by creating a board on pinterest and searching for poppy pictures and then even for the key words quilling and poppies. There were many excellent pieces created by others. And even a blog about a certain technique to make petals.

With those ideas in my head I sat down one Friday night and after a few hours I had this:

It’s certainly not the most intricate or amazing quilling out there. But I enjoy the simplicity of it and it was a fun little project. Success.

Next up the inspiration is Valentine Cards. I already know what I want to do but haven’t started anything yet. Stay tuned!