TDF: Stage 2

On stage two I once again needed to make a cherry pie and had plans to visit family. And then the boyfriend even wanted to spend time with me. But I am nothing if not persistent when it comes to my crafts so I still managed quite a bit of spinning:

I spun approximately 0.8 more ounces of Noah bringing me up to 1.1 ounces total. This is excellent progress, as was expected. Hooray.

The colorful mini-skein there is 20 yards/0.3 ounces of dyed Tunis. I have 20 different little colored strips of roving and I think I'll spread these out since they are so amazingly fun. Approximately one per day it shall be. Also I think I may call the project Taste the Rainbow because its fun.

And lastly we have Snapdragon on the trindle. As much as I love this project I think the laceweight may make me go crazy. I roughly timed how long it took me to spin through today's 0.15 ounces and found that it took me around 50 minutes of rather devoted spinning time. This seems pretty depressing at first but  when I do the math it is actually still do-able. Crazy, but doable.

Stage 3 will be my first TDF work day. Given how many other things seemed to 'get in the way' of spinning this weekend I'm actually thinking the regular routine of the day might be a boon to my spinning productivity.

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