TDF: Results

So I was too busy spinning to keep up with the daily posting for more than 2 days. But that's ok because the results are totally worth it!!!

By request (thanks Jenna!) before posting anything else I give you my TDF results:

Moving from left to right we start with a WIP that was finished in large part to clear up bobbins for more spinning. 62 yards in total I only kind of count it as TDF spinning.

Next up is 100% angora. Spun complete raw with no prep from the fold. I love this yarn so much and may start carrying it around to pet it all day. There is also some speculation that Bran may be allergic, hmmm. 142 yards from the 1.4 ounces.

The brown and white is Noah the alpaca. Prepped by hand from raw into roving. The two skeins have a total of 7.9 ounces and 366 yards.

Up next is the yarn I like to call Monet because of its colors. It's coopworth that I purchased dyed and prepared into roving at MDSW two years ago. The 4 ounces gave me 502 yards.

Next is the the uber-major-accomplishment of the tour. It's a 70/30 Merino/Tussah Top also purchased as roving from MDSW two years ago (it was a good year). There were many a moment when I wasn’t sure if I would survive this laceweight yarn. But ultimately I prevailed and came out with 1314 yards from the 4 ounces. I could barely believe it when I counted.

Next up was most fun project of the whole tour “taste the rainbow”. Having a different color to spin each day was such amazing motivation. And being able to spin my yellow on Sunday was perfect. All in all I started with 5.9 ounces of (hand prepared from raw Tunnis) fiber and got 401 yards of yarn. I’m already swatching for some kind of scarf or something fun.

And lastly is the crazy cloud art yarn (its a slub wool boucle from Sarah Andersen's The Spinners Book of Yarn Design, but I was mostly just trying to make it look like clouds). After a few failed attempts I wasn’t sure if I could do it but ultimately I am quite happy. The fiber used was the same as taste the rainbow. How amazing is it that those two projects are from the same supply. The product was more important than the yardage but for consistency sake I have 14 yards from .4 ounces.

In total I spun 1.475 pounds of fiber into 2801 yards or 1.59 miles of yarn.

If not for the fact that my hands/arms are tired and I've been pushing aside lots of other things that I enjoy doing I'd be pretty much ready for the next tour already.

Stay tuned to this space I would really like to do a few more things with this TDF crafting. I have progress pictures from just about every day. It's fun to see things change and progress. And then most all of these projects can be shared in more detail.



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