Tea Tuesday: Crime of Passion

When I sat down to review this tea today I was actually almost surprised just how much I liked this Crime of Passion tea. The name is admittedly a bit much but the tea is good.

Being a green tea I did have to be a bit more careful in its preparation. But after stopping my water a bit before it hit boil and leaving the tea to brew no more than three minutes I had a good cup of green tea.

After the past few flavored teas that I have reviewed one of the things that struck me the most about this blend was just how much 'tea' flavor I could taste. The green tea is still mild but it is definitely the base on which the rest of the flavors are built. It is grassy but sweet and delicious.

On top of the tea flavor are the wonderful fruity and floral flavors. They brighten up the tea and give it a bit of a zip. And just as importantly they give it a strong wonderful scent.

Purchased from theteatable.com
"Our Crime of Passion tea blend was inspired by and named after the sultry beaches of Rio de Janeiro where there are sun worshipers and lovers feeding each other freshly-cut pieces of papaya and passion fruit right on the sand. The sweet profiles of both fruits perfectly complement the heat, humidity, and goings on at the beach. The combination of heat, sand, water, and fresh fruit is so enticing, it should be a crime in itself. This refreshingly sweet Crime of Passion tea has a sinful citrus flavor you'll want to enjoy again and again. The natural sweetness of the Sencha-style green tea from Hunan Province in China makes it perfectly suited for blending with dried papaya pieces and natural passion fruit flavors. Enhanced with beautiful sunflower petals."

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