Sunday Status Report

As seems to be the trend I feel like I didn't accomplish all that much this week. There were even a few days where I just wasn't in that much of a crafting mood (WEIRD!). But the evidence seems to indicate differently. And that is why this weekly post is such a great thing.

Hedgehog progress hit a major roadblock when I ran out of funfur. And since I didn't actually get myself to JoAnns until just a few hours ago all we have is a belly.

The spinning project feels mostly like its been taunting me. Sitting there on the spinning wheel trying to call out to me, begging to be continued while I just ignored it. But the pictorial evidence indicates that progress was indeed made. Perhaps it was early in the week and I've since forgotten. Sadly this is possible.

My sweater was the go-to project of the week. Making it to the bottom of the armholes is always super excited. The project has an excellent blend of being extremely simple and easy to just pick up and go wherever. But it also makes a super useful and beautiful product. I was probably able to add at least a full inch thanks to a wonderful friend offering to do most of the driving down to MDSW.

Speaking of MDSW. With the 2014 event on the horizon it got me thinking about the fiber from last year that was still untouched. I spent some time with some of it including washing, prepping, spinning, dying and a bit of test knitting. I'm kind of excited to continue going with this project now except that 2014 MDSW is now in the past and the lure of new goodies is as strong as the old.

I think going and shopping at MDSW practically counts as crafting accomplishment this week. Right? This endeavor really needs a post of its own. Perhaps tomorrow if I have the time.

But as with all new toys the MDSW goodies could not be ignored and rather promptly upon returning home I started processing some of the raw fiber to see how it would behave.

Now once I hit post I'll have to decide if I will be a good person and keep going on a hedgie or if the lure and draw of the new fiber is still too much.

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