Sunday Status Report x2

Life got the best of me and I've fallen behind. But I am of course still crafting. Here's what I've been up to...

Two weeks ago...

I finished up this batch of hedgehogs and was able to pass them along to father (to go on sale at the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center) in person when my family came up to visit for some wine touring (yum):

I also whipped up 2 more bunnies and added in a 3rd that had been languishing around the office to send off for sale:

I finished working up the samples from my new MDSW fleece purchases. I prepped and spun up a worsted and woolen sample from the Jacob and the Tunnis fleeces:

I also spent some time starting to wash up each of the fleeces. I'm kinda crazy and pick apart the fleeces and wash them to preserve the lock structure. I really ought to find a more efficient system:

My sweater is starting to look somewhat sweater like:

And I had a super crazy idea to build myself a loom from cardboard and some basic supplies. At that point most everything was conceptual and a few small scale tests:

This week...

The sweater got longer. I need to start measuring and figuring out ribbing for the edge (and then knit some sleeves, and a collar):

I've been doing lots more fleece washing. I'm focusing on the Tunnis although one batch of Jacob did sneak in. At this point I have over a pound of washed Tunnis locks. I haven't measured the Jacob. I also went for a long weekend with Bran to the beach. I packed a bit over 4 ounces of Tunnis locks which I then combed/flicked open into this bag of fluffy awesomeness. I could spin these as they are but my favorite prep is to use my hackle and draw them out into long strips of roving:

I'm starting to think about spinning and particularly trindles again. I've had this pink coopworth fiber for 4 years now and my new goal is to finally finish spinning it all up before the next TDF (July):

Some simple/fun beach/car knitting gave me another rectangle to be mounted for wall art. I actually knit this twice as the first time I cast on too many stitches so given my limited amount of yarn it was much too long and rather short. I'm strangely in love with these colors which sadly don't photograph too well. Especially in the iffy light I was using quickly tonight:

And my crazy loom project continues. I have a more or less functional prototype together. But there are still quite a few tweaks I want to work out before putting together anything final:

Next week is looking like it will be extra crazy let us hope I survive.

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