Tea Tuesday: Twinnings English Breakfast

For a while I was being particularly snobbish about my loose leaf tea. However over the last few months I have become quite the daily tea drinker at work and for that situation tea bags are so much easier.

The English Breakfast blend from Twinnings has a good solid tea flavor that is robust but not overpowering. Even though I rarely add sugar I can taste a welcome hint of sweet from the tea. I do however have to be a bit careful as it can get a bit bitter if left to brew for too long.

According to Wikipedia "the black teas included in the blend vary, with Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas predominating." Rather amusingly "he practice of referring to such a blend as 'English breakfast tea' appears to have originated not in England but America, as far back as Colonial times."

For me it is a tea that is less about enjoying wonderful flavors than it is about waking up and preparing to take on the day. Perhaps not the most magical cuppa but definitely a good solid choice. And you can't beat the convenience!

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