Tea Tuesday: Strawberry Green

Welcome back to Tea Tuesday!

Today I'm featuring another one of my absolute favorites: Strawberry Green.

I haven't actually been drinking this tea very much lately for a few reasons. Firstly it is such a summer taste I couldn't quite bear to be drinking it in the midst of the dreadful winter we had this year. And secondly I only ordered a small amount since I had never tried it before. And now that I am in love with it I tend to hoard.

One of the first things I notice about this tea is how different the dry loose leaf looks. You can actually see the whole little leaves all dried and cured. Especially after one gets used to the practically ground tea that is commonly found in teabags its quite amazing to see this.

When brewed using my favorite French Press method the leaves have plenty of room to expand out and look extra cool again. Although when I went to take this picture I also realized it looks kinda like seaweed which some of you may not find appealing. If you are one of those folks ignore this please ;-)

Being a green tea it has a very light and refreshing flavor. The tea taste is particularly earthy and grounded. And the strawberry is like a bright flavor above it. It is sweet, but not too sweet.

10 out of 10 teacups - would recommend for everyone :-)

Purchased from theteatable.com
"Green Ceylon (Sri Lanka) tea flavored with fresh strawberries and safflower petals."

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