Tea Tuesday: Ginger Peach

This Steeped Ginger Peach tea was a Christmas gift from my mother. She had hosted a Steeped Tea party. They are like tupperware parties but with tea goods.

I actually wasn't sure if I would like this blend or not as ginger is not a flavor that I would generally gravitate towards. But as it turns out I actually quite love it! Goo job Mother.

The fruity floral notes are really the base of this blend. Before writing this review I would have said it was the peach. But somewhat strangely when I was typing out the "Ingredients" list of the blend there's no peach! How strange. But whatever they put in there it does taste delicious.

The tea flavors aren't very present and really serve more to round things out than to feature.

The real feature of Ginger Peach tea is of course the ginger. It adds a delicious zing to the cup. But it doesn't overpower things at all.

I would definitely recommend this blend. I couldn't find it on steepedtea.com. So it's possible the flavor is seasonal or even discontinued. But I found the blend listed in plenty of other tea shops so give it a try!

Steeped Tea Ginger Peach:

"Luxury black tea, ginger, sunflower and calendula petals, dried papaya, blackberry leaves.

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