Let the cuteness continue

It seems I was right about these bunnies being on trend. Or well at least on trend enough to be going over quite well for me.

Of the batch I sent to be sold at the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage center 2 more or less sold before the package had even arrived. (The purchaser knew of their awesomeness from my Created By Carlin Facebook Page, bonus points to all who “like” it.)

In my office at work our little 4 person cubicle-land department has been adding slight touches of festivity for the seasons. Wanting to join in on the fun I made and brought 2 new bunnies to display. Alas I forgot to take pictures but at least 3 random coworkers commented on them. PLUS I got a new super fun order for 5 more bunnies.

Let the cuteness continue!

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