Tea Tuesday: Lady Londonderry

To kick off my (hopefully) weekly Tea Tuesday series I've decided to feature one of my all-time-favorite teas: Lady Londonderry.

Lady Londonderry is a mild flavored tea that tastes to me of summer. The blended black teas have a gentle flavor and form a base for the layered flavors that make the tea exciting. Seeing strawberry and lemon listed are what first drew me to try this blend. If I where to blind-taste I doubt that my unrefined palate would be able to identify the Strawberry. More-so the tea just tastes lightly and delightfully fruity. I don't even notice the lemon unless I am searching for its flavor specifically. There are also floral components of the tea which add to the complexity of the tea and round everything out. Plus they make it look pretty!

10 out of 10 teacups - would recommend for everyone :-)

Purchased from theteatable.com
"Blended from Ceylon and Assam black teas, freeze dried strawberries, lemon balm, sunflower and calendula petals."

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