Hello World

Hello, my name is Carlin. Although I'm guessing if you've found this you probably already knew that.

I've been making things my whole life. Now I'm even selling some of the things I make. So why not try and get a fancy blog going about it.

I have had blogs before. Alas I don't always manage to be the most faithful of posters. This time however through the magic of having a little sister who works for GoDaddy (Hi Nicole!) there's money on the line. That's right, I actually forked over cold hard cash to get this sucker up and running so I better make it worthwhile.

That's all for today but what would a craft blog be without pictures? So I give you a teaser of things to come:


Fresh Spun Yarn

Finished Gloves

Cowl and Sweater










I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment with comments or suggestions or just to say "Hi".

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