Full Speed Ahead! (and bunnies)

I seem to have gone from crafting meandering to full on priority list with true deadlines in the space of about two days.

As I mentioned before first up there is a gather of Bran's family coming up the first weekend in April. Additional research has revealed that the gathering is in fact a somewhat casual family oriented baby shower for expecting cousin no.2. The gathering will also have a wood-land-ish type theme. So the bunny head blanket that I'm envisioning fits in quite well. And since I never did anything for cousin no.1 who now has a 16 month old that is also top priority. I have no idea what stage of play or development that puts the little guy at. But I do know that they are pretty sports-y type people. So it may be seasonally inappropriate but I'm thinking a football (brown with the white laces) hat would be fun. I'll make it big so as to work for next fall. And perhaps an extra stuffed animal or something. Double perhaps a bunny for Easter.Hedgehog!

Oh and extra scoop. Cousin no.2 and husband also love hedgehogs. So I'm thinking I totally also "need" to make them one of the little not child friendly hedgehogs. Pretty much just because they are awesome. And because I'm insane.

So all of that is excellent and time sensitive (T-minus 15 days). And in the midst of making these plans Father sends me an email yesterday:

"your 4 bunnies sold and we wondered if you wanted to make more for Easter season for the gift shop"

Whoa, I didn't even realize I had any bunnies to be sold (at the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center). But sales are awesome so yay! And more sales are even better (gotta pay for this website somehow). So the idea is to see how many bunnies I can churn out in the next week-ish and ship them off to be sold before Easter.

BONUS: Now I make bunnies which come in two flavors regular (sometimes with hats and or scarves) and with sweaters. I had mentioned trying to write up a pattern for the sweater some time ago on Ravelry. And then just recently someone sent me a message inquiring if I had ever done so. I have not but its still something that I think would be awesome. And with the exception of the lack of time at the moment it seems like a great thing to do with this here blog.

That's enough typing now, I gotta go craft!

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