Hello, my name is Carlin and I like to make things. I have been making things for years, many have been kept for myself or gone to friends and family but I never really tried selling any of my creations. Until now....

Over the last few years my crafting focus has been on the fiber arts, primarily knitting, crochet, and spinning my own yarn. However my creative interests certainly do not stop there. I have done everything from scherenschnitte or paper-cutting of images based on photographs all the way to painting fire hydrants in downtown Harrisburg. And I absolutely love all of it.

It is still a work in progress but the store page will soon allow you to purchase my items through etsy. Check it out now to see what I plan on offering! I also have the gallery which is full of other many other creations. If you see anything in the store or the gallery that you would want to own contact me by email to discuss a custom creation. Anything that I've made before could certainly be made just for you using whatever colors, sizes, or details you could wish for.

Prices are all based on the cost of materials plus a small amount of compensation for my time. Creating things is a process that I enjoy, when I do the math my hourly rate is quite pitiful. But doing something that I love is quite worth it, and with luck I may reach enough profit to buy more supplies!